In accordance with our Professional requirements we set-out below the basis of our charges for certain categories of work carried out by us on behalf of clients.

The amounts stated in respect of Conveyancing are estimates based on a single residential property and title that is registered at the Land Registry and assuming the transaction proceeds in a typical fashion without hitches whether in respect of title, funding, searches or enquiries.  Otherwise extra work if not listed below, will be charged at £270 + VAT per hour or proportionately for part of an hour.

Probate work is based on time spent and charged at the rate of £270+VAT per hour or proportionately for part of an hour.  Additionally in dealing with the administration of an estate of someone who has died we charge a percentage of the gross value of the estate which will not exceed 1% plus VAT.



Conveyancing Charges from January 2019 for a Purchase, Sale, Transfers of Equity or Re-mortgage of a Residential Property



To 200,000                                              £795.00 plus VAT

200,001 to 400,000                               £895.00 plus VAT

400,001 to 600,000                               £995.00 plus VAT

600,001 to 800,000                               £1095.00 plus VAT

800,001 to 900,000                               £1240.00 plus VAT

Over 900,000                                          to be discussed but minimum of £1595.00



To 200,000                                              £795.00 plus VAT

200,001 to 400,000                               £895.00 plus VAT

400,001 to 600,000                               £995.00 plus VAT

600,001 to 800,000                               £1095.00 plus VAT

800,001 to 900,000                               £1195.00 plus VAT

900,001 to £1m                                     £1295.00 plus VAT

Over £1m                                                to be discussed but minimum of £1595.00

Redemption of 2nd and                           £95.00 plus VAT

subsequent charges



Leasehold surcharge                               £250.00 plus VAT

Shared ownership fixed fee                   £950.00 plus VAT 

(for transactions up to £150k)



To 250,000                                              £495.00 plus VAT

250,001 and above                                £545.00 plus VAT



To 250,000                                              £620.00 plus VAT

250,001 and above                                £670.00 plus VAT



Flat rate                                                  £570.00 plus VAT 





 (from December 2018)


Leasehold transaction surcharge                                                       £200

Unregistered title                                                                               £150 + additional registration fees

Housing Association Property Surcharge                                            £175

Statutory Declaration for the remediation or rectification                    £95

Removal of Second Charges                                                                £95

Bank Transfer Fee (CHAPS)                                                                £35

Help to Buy Fee – applicable when purchasing a new build

property where a housing Association takes a second charge

on the property                                                                                   £150

Dealing with funds being gifted on a property purchase                      £240

Dealing with a retention                                                                      £100

Dealing with matrimonial or third party lawyers                                  £200

Contract races, sale or purchase                                                         £300

Transfer of Business loans/overdraft                                                   £250

Transfer of Legal Aid Charge                                                                £190

Dealing with second or subsequent mortgages on a purchase              £150

Deed of Covenant                                                                                 £175

Flying Freehold of Mutual Covenant                                                     £175

Deed of Guarantee                                                                                £200

Deed of Grant of Easement or variation of rights                                   £200

Deed of Postponement                                                                           £200

Declaration of Trust (re joint owners)                                                     £270

Arranging indemnity insurance (per policy)                                            £50

Issuing cheques to persons other than all named clients. Each              £10

Cheques returned unpaid or cheques stopped at clients request           £30

Assignment of Insurance Policies between policy holders                       £200

Assignment of Insurances from or to lenders, per policy                         £30

Notices of Assignment or Reassignment of insurance policies to

Life Insurers. Each                                                                                 £20

Powers of Attorney in favour of anyone other than us. Each                  £150

Drafting Assured/Shorthold Tenancy                                                    £190

Approval of contract package with more than 5 days before the

Auction                                                                                                 £200

Approval of contract package with less than 5 days before auction        £300

Purchase of Freehold Reversion or an extended lease for a

Leasehold owner, outside of the Act                                                       £495

Purchase of Freehold Reversion or extended lease by leaseholder

Within the Act                                                                                       £395

Bridging loans                                                                                       £290

Obtaining access between exchange and completion                              £50                           

Severance of Joint Tenancy                                                                    £95

Declaration of Trust to tenants in common                                            £200   

Redemption of Help to Buy Mortgage (standalone instruction)                £350

Dealing with a Help to Buy ISA Bonus                                                    £50


The persons dealing with your case will be Solicitors holding current practising certificates issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and each will have many years of training and experience.  Each will be assisted by a clerk who is not legally qualified but they will have undergone training as clerks and have experience of many years.

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